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I doubt anyone in France, Germany, Spain, Italy or Ireland for that matter knows what an A-Level is! They might have heard of it, but thats about all![/quote:30fa316250]
Everyone I know in France is very familiar with the A Level system! Although it’s probably because they like to bash it so much…

LOL, well, sorry I don’t know about A level.

Bah, fine. If you live in Brittany and get the BBC, then you’ve heard of the A Level. I thought that was presumed when I said western Europe!

What grades can you get in the Irish system? When I look at sites, I always see things like B2B2B2B2CC/B2B2B2B2B2. No idea what the heck it means. Figuring it out should be an A Level in itself.

As for A Levels being easier… I blame ‘those’ joke subjects. You all know what I’m talking about. People stopped taking maths, English and history a long time ago. Now it’s all general studies and the history of Mickey Mouse.