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Take a look at computer sciene in DIT , i am doing it right now, its a good proper computer sciene course , but in 3rd and 4th year you can spealize in game related subjects ,
Like,Game Worlds, Mobile and Multi-user Games, Artificial Intelligence 1 & 2, Game Middleware and Game Behaviour and other stuff.
and during 1st and 2nd year you can bring games into alot of the work you do ( i know i did lol) . And at the end of the 4 years you should be able a job in games developement and I.T.

Also if your looking for a good course that covers all of games development , look at Ballyfermot HND in games design ( i did the course and its very good)
its a two year course and covers everything from , games design , Theory , programming ,3d modeling etc , so its way to see what area you really want to specialize. ( like you might not like programming and be more in 3d modeling in which cause computer science or even games degrees would not be your thing , you would better off trying an animation or media course.