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Ah, going over the pond eh? That sounds really cool, wouldn’t mind that myself after a few years in the UK. You’re mostly a particles effects guy right? (At least that’s what I remember from Sega Rally, right?) Show us your reel :P[/quote:7855b6fb13]

I dont specialise in particle effects, Im a core technology\ game programmer (or in canada they call it generalist programmer). i.e able to work on various parts of the game.

As for a reel, programmers dont have one (we dont really need one). Although in my free time I am developing my own engine. Currently, putting a gears of war style camera system into it, seems the fashionable thing to do these days. Bastard to get right though ;) Might post some shots in the future, until then its a WIP.[/quote:7855b6fb13]

Codey eh? I don’t envy you, especially with visuals in games being what they are today; must be a nightmare.