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Some important information concerning the ‘Hoff… [/quote:0ff53702c4]

Although Im as much a fan of the hoff as the next person, I must speak up! This is actually a list of facts about Vin Diesel, Mr T and Chuck Norris, but have been doctored to add weight to Mr Hoff’s fame!
It was actually Vin Diesel who walked down the street with the erection, leaving no survivors. Mr Diesel is also responsible for most of these other facts, but recieves no credit for doing so, due to Mr Hasselhoffs greed!

Dont believe me? Then check out http://www.4q.cc/

It seems as if the benevolent, omnipotent Mr Hasselhoff has become corrupted by his ever growing strength, power and fame! The time of rebellion is at hand! We must revolt against the Hoff………before it becomes too late!

However, I am informed by a very reliable source that Tom Cruise did indeed, invent pink!