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Graduates in general account for 30% of EA’s hires annually (230 last year), but they have a goal to increase this to 50% p.a. by next year.[/quote:178b7ef657]They want to hire graduates, or their reputation precedes them when it comes to people with experience? They have an atrocious reputation…[/quote:178b7ef657]

I wouldn’t be inclined to believe everything you hear in the press etc. EA are an amazing success in the game industry and are at the top for some very good reasons. The game industry is a demanding place but my experience is that it’s more demanding in the smaller companies, whereas larger companies have better conditions, benefits etc. For every EA-spouse there are 1000’s of pretty happy employees.

The main problem for companies like EA is that the market for people with experience in the game industry is drying up. There are just not enough of them, so EA, as the biggest game publisher, needs to look outside the existing industry for growth.