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Glad you liked it Mal. Meant to say I glanced at your blender tutorial looks very well put together I downloaded the pages and will have to make some time to go through it.

Are you using this .m3g exporter for Blender to export the 3D scene to the mobile phone? If it’s stable enough, it should be possible to have it included as part of the official Blender download. [/quote:878db1e5c2]
A modified version of it. The exporter is a python script so I edited it for my purposes.

I have made some suggestions to the author (very nice guy) that he is considering for the next release like selective export, currently it exports everything in the scene. My code has option to export only master/unique objects (or just the meshes highlighted) and creates a level text file of duplicates transformation details which obviously results in a smaller m3g file size and ensures that cloned objects do not produce redundant resources.

The exporter is very stable so I would be a supporter of having it included in the download as it is only just over 100kb extracted. Only thing to be careful about with it is uv coordinates need to be within the bounds of texture image (Blender has an option that helps with this though) (Don’t expect tilling by say having uv’s extend past image, I handle tiling in code – actually if you look at my in game shot the red and gray warehouse texture is tiled twice where as you can see in blender the UV’s are fixed to the image dimensions).

I usually do a short what went right and wrong doc at end of project but thinking of writing a full length tutorial / postmortem of development of the driving game covering workflow, api issues and tricks I learned if that would be of use to anyone. But not at post stage yet.:)

Other good res for M3g (JSR184) is:
A series of 5 tutorials covering everything you need to get started.