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Concerning point 4… It all looks nice and bright but… I’ve learnt not to rejoice too quickly in a few years of mobile games development.

Remember XBLA at the beginning was taking 30%, when they had very few content, just like Apple Store. And recently, now they don’t need a lot of indie games since most big publishers are on this channel, they have almost halved the royalty. Who knows if Apple won’t do the same.

Another worry I have is OK, anyone who paid 99$ for code signing can go and drop their games. But I’m realistic and who will grab the spot in the shop ? EA with Spore, Sega with Monkey Ball and so on… and certainly not the small indie developer. I already had two proposals from publishers to send them our future iPhone games, which means that here you will half your revenue. From 70%, you fall to 35%… I think lots of small developers will be desillusioned (?) of this new channel. All the big and middle size publishers and developers want to get into this channel. I see hardly any space for small or indie developers.

Enough ranting, there are some very good aspects you mentionned with the iPhone, and it will make a change in the world of mobile gaming, hopefully…