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Hi Bomberman,
I don’t believe the cut will increase – but would be prepared to eat my hat if it does happen. So – that’s not a valid concern in my book though I can see how it might be for some.

As for your second concern – I don’t understand that opinion at all – can you explain that a little more?

Any indie developer is competing with the big studios on every platform and not just the iPhone but does that mean taking your ball and going home? Of course not. If you think you have nothing to offer to beat Spore or Monkey Ball then why would you develop for any platform? Making a game for the PC? You’ve got competitors. Where are indie developers creating for in this case?

I don’t see the need, per se, for publishers as much – and not sure why you would send your iPhone games to them – and moreso – why would you send it to two competing publishers which are just going to placing n the same channel?

The store works well for independent developers where you will live or die based on your reputation. Does the game look well, is there actual gameplay, is it crash-happy, does it represent a one shot or is it a product that people will come back to again and again? These are the things that will resonate with consumers.

I might have the wrong end of the stick here and I am interested in your opinion here.