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Thanks Mal!

Hi again pKelly83. I am told opengl es performs better than jsr-184 (M3g) on most mobiles but from the java examples of both api’s I have run not sure if the gap is as wide as reported. And with M3g 2 being released soon hardware acceleration should be better supported.

Open gl es of course has more functionality and would be more familiar to many here but M3g is a neat high level api that is easier to get to grips with.

Symbian / brew apps are naturally more efficient than java also. But games reviewers on the major sites are aware of this and do take it into account when contrasting games coded for different platforms.

In regard to 2d drawing over the 3d scene yes you can and I use it. It does affect performance to do so but alternative of using 3d sprites for interface proved problematic for me. You can actually render the 3d scene as an image rather than direct to screen for use as a texture if you wanted – some good effects can be achieved this way.

If you are looking for specific figures the jBenchmark site is the best resource for per device frame rates and such.

Nokia N93 and N95 top the list – super phones. If nokia are listening and would like to send me an N95 it would be graciously received. :wink:

I think I will be writing a full postmortem of my game when done so I will try and put some performance detail in that.