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Hi Paul. I will try and give as much detail as I can in postmortem but since you asked:

Each car texture is 128×128 as well as some scenery but most are 64×64 and some small items are 32 by 32 or less. I am used to pixel art and getting detail into small textures.

Jamaican Limbo Levels on the poly count too. Its all very like early Playstation stuff.

Red car in vid: Our survey says… (aka blender) Car body (Wheels not included) 135 verts, 193 faces (Think that’s tri’s as I am not using quads). For newer cars I am going wild with 245 verts each. Most other stuff in scene are planes or partial cubes. 60 odd unique meshes in that video. Approaching 300 clones.

As for different builds same models some of the 128×128 textures will have to be smaller to fit heap on lower spec phones and draw distance may have to be reduced to get nice frame rate – currently for Nokias no pop up thanks to loading new scenery as you go round corners.