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Google and rainlender are basically calenders, and SlimTimer is a time sheet maker.

I just want something to create tasks and add detail to them and a way to mark them being done. (notepad fails here cos I can’t even colour the font) [/quote:c82a85e942]think you should take a closer look at Slimtimer, Damien – it’s much more than a time sheet maker. You can ignore the timing function and simply create a list of tasks to track progress against. Using the Tag functionality, you can add detail to the tasks. You can also share tasks with others, separate active and complete tasks, and run several different kinds of reports. Using Bubbles, you can have it sit in the Sys Tray if you wish. It’s not perfect, but does add some nice out of the box functionality that many similar apps lack.

Failing that, there’s the two old reliables – the Task function in Outlook (more powerful than it looks) and a customized Excel doc (which can be edited simultaneously by others on your team via the Shared Workbook function)

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