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Average figures? They’re pretty meaningless…

Here’s roughly what was given in a Develop survey published in February:

Junior : 17-25K
Regular : 21-35K
Senior : 32-40K
Lead: 40-60K

Junior : 14-22K
Regular : 20-26K
Senior : 27-35K
Lead : 30-50K

Junior : 15-21K
Regular : 18-26K
Senior : 25-32K
Lead : 30-40K

Junior : 17-25K
Regular : 25-36K
Senior : 35-60K

High end of each the band is more often paid down south in england (where life is almost as expensive as in ireland), low end more often paid in northern england and scotland.

I’d steer clear of the recruiters, they’ll do you over given any chance at all. A handier site is probably http://www.thegamesindustry.net/. Where jobs are listed by recruiters, take the job listings to google so you can apply directly to the company instead of going through recruiters.[/quote:9c797d579c]

Thanks for that am always a bit wary of recruitment agencies. Bookmarked!