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Hi all,

David Ryan here, I’m a 3rd year in LIT Tipperary doing Games Design and Development. I am Treasurer of Tippsoc: LIT Tipperary’s Technology and Gaming Society. I do loads of awesome stuff like that.
I’m a programmer/developer by trade(so to speak).
I’ve done a fair few cool events: GGJ 2011,GGJ 2012, Newgrounds Cabinjam 2012, WOWZAPP 2012, Gamesfleadh 2012 XNA Challenge and Robocode 2011.

I like doing things(competitions and jams).
I’ll be hoping to do the DirectX Challenge for Gamesfleadh 2013. And yeah, 3rd year project super awesome fun XD.

I’ve done work placement for 2nd year in a nice little call center software company where I made a website (which they now use as the live one).

I’ve experience with Java, C, Perl, Html, Javascript, CSS, C#, SQL Server and ASPX from college modules and things done in work placement.

I’ve done some python(project euler questions) and C++ too.
I will be hitting C++ hard for 3yp and for the sake of it.

Looking for paid work placement in the summer, not necessarily in games though, software would do :).

If you read this, have a good day :D