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just as long as we’re be-hatching about eircom….


i signed up for broadband with smart telecom a few months ago, transferred my account over to them from eircom.
waited for my exchange to go live.
2 months later nothing.
phoned smart telecom, turns out eircom have pulled some legal crap which means that under the method which i signed over to ST, ST can’t provide both telephony and broadband. a lot of ST customers have been caught by this.
comreg are taking eircom to court over it.

only soln mean time, is to switch back to eircom and retranfer acc back to ST under different terms.

eircom are a bunch of f**kin cowboys and play dirty when any competitor comes into ‘their’ market place.

once i had transferred back to eircom (which meant a month waiting for eircom to take the account back), i needed my new account number to give ST so they could re-take my account.

eircom wouldn’t give me the number over the phone cause the couldn’t be sure who i was.
fair enough – i called into the eircom broadband shop, said here’s my id, you know who i am, now give me my account number –
no joy there either.

i had to wait another week for eircom to send out my account number in the mail.

i’m currently waiting for ST to confirm they have my account and enable bb.
next tuesday *fingers crossed*.


sorry, i just saw the word eircom, and my fingers wouldn’t stop typing.