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yeah i read recently that Hurley is the crucial character to the story. And he doesnt have bad luck, in fact its the opposite. Make sense though, considering everyone has a link to hurley in some way. hurley owned a box factory, locke worked in one. Hurley was in a metal asylum, lockes mother was in the same one. Hurley had the comic book which the kid is reading all the time, (incidently the comic book had a picture of the polar bear and hatch cavern which had some sort of alien attached to it). Really have to what the episode closely. Its suspected that what the kid thinks of comes to life. would make sense especially in the last episode..
Also the number i presume everyone has figured out that these are the seats which the most of the main survivors sat in! jack was 23A, michelle rodiguez was 42F so chances are shes going to be back next season, which they confirmed already.
Although not all have seats in these numbers, but i reckon this could be a signal of who survives to get off the island, note boone wasnt in this.