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I have a few friends on it. Apparently it’s easier to play than Tetris. It’s a good way to pay the bills while you look for a job.

About that.. how’s the job-hunt going? I’m going into my last year at university and have been looking at a lot of graduate programmes in IT firms like Google and Microsoft, as well as jobs in the games industry. There should be a lot of books and information in your university careers service on how to get a job and what exactly you need to do. The best plan of action would be to do a lot of research and go in all-guns-blazing. And voila – you’ll have a job in no time!

Have you been applying for graduate programmes? Most firms hiring (in the UK/Ire) are based in London and Dublin. Not sure where you live but moving may be likely. I’m all to eager to get away from Belfast. God bless the Celtic Tiger because hopefully it will lead me to greener pastures next year.