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Ok Gamecube is grand, for Nintendo games and games built specifically for it. Shite for most 3rd party games.

Ok back that up. I don’t know how you will. Its a controller, its good enough for nintendo’s inside projects so how can it be usually crap for everything else? (I’m not going to be an ass about your staement, I do assume you were generalising)

The only controller comparison I’ve ever read, regarding a 3rd party game, was for soul calibur II on ps2, xbox, and gamecube. It was in edge and he decided that the gamecube version was the best version, despite how little he thought of link as a character (Link from the Zelda series was the gamecube signature character). And the reason he decided gamecube, was because he believed the gamecube was the best suited controller to the game.

Most uncomfortable controller after ergonomics where taken into account is the dual shock.
Nuff said[/quote:eb9c50faa6]

Yup definitely. As for the xbox controllers, either of them, I always thought the weighting was weird, I can’t sit down to game of Halo for very long at all.