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A through D are passing grades, each sub divided into 3,2,1 for lower, mid and higher percentage grades, exception being A which is only divided into 2,1. E and F are fails there used to be a significance to getting an E rather than an F but I can’t remember what it was. bthere’s also NG – no grade for percentage results from 0 to 10% i believe.

So from bottom to top irish grading goes: NG, F, E, D3, D2, D1, C3, C2, C1, B3, B2, B1, A2, A1. Subjects can be taken at honours or pass level, getting a C3 or greater in an honours exam is considered an honours grade. Anything below that is considered a pass (apart from fails of course). Getting an A1 on a pass level exam is not considered getting an honours grade, despite persistent rumours to the contrary.

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no, our lovely country attaches a points value to each grade to compare students for college entry. Points range from 100 for an honours A1 to 5 for a pass D3, no points are awarded for a failing grade regardless of level. You only ever count your top 6 subjects.

Each college puts matriculation requirements on its courses and for general entry. For example a college might require 3 honours and 3 passes to be considered for any course, and for one of the honours to be in maths for its comp-sci course. Every student that meets these requirements is considered for a place, and then if there are for example 40 places in the course, the students with top 40 highest point totals are offered places. Some courses give points for portfolios, some for interviews, most don’t bother. If a place is refused or defered by a student, the place is offered to the student with the next highest point total. The relevenance of your subjects is not considered beyond matriculation, it is possible to get into a science course based on points from a music exam over your physics for example.

You apply using a list sytem, for a course specifically, not for a college in general. Bu thats a whole other post.

And yes I did start typing this before Skyclad replied :)