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i been trying to get some interest going in the contest this year, but i can’t the timing is terrible, both the applications are intreview are at the end of the school, when everyone is way too busy with major projects. i know loads of people that want to enter but they don’t want it to cut in with there degrees.

It was the same problem last year, but i think the timing is even worse this year. The interviews are wek 12, the final week of uni, on thursday. on my course all of our course work has to be in the next day! and i think its the same for most courses. i also think that queens are on the same timetable as jordans town this year (if not a week or so difference).

Its too late this year, but for dare to be more of a success, i think the interviews should be timed better either, earlier or later (but i understand that later might be too late)