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Well I’ll put it like this…
I live in a mildly remote area, approximatly 5.5km from Athlone town. Neither I nor any of my friends can get broadband. The local council recently did a survey and asked would the local households get BB if they could, of that survey there was a very high proportion of people who said they wouldnt. The rest would like it but couldnt get it obviously.
Then there are my friends IN town. Of these people only one of my friends have it in their house. When I asked the others they either said they didnt know anything about it or their parents had said something along the lines of “Why bother?”, “What benefits would it bring?” or “Its too expensive”.

Now my main point about the poor advertising is that in this day and age how can people not know the benefits to Broadband? And how do they not know anything about it in general?