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The best advertisment is and has always been sex. Get the lads on a side and tell then about free porn. Usually does it, in my experience… :twisted:

Up here in Donegal, there is a little town out there in the countryside who can’t get broadband either. Well, what happened is, the whole bloody town decided they wanted the internet, and if Eircom wouldn’t provide it, they could sod off. So they asked some local WiFi company to connect them, and lo and behold! now they have access to the great Intertron :)

Really, I can’t see any other solution than WiFi for Ireland. You just have too many “remote areas” for Eircom to bother pulling lines everywhere.
It’s the same shit that happened in France over the last 8 years (I was testing ADSL technology as part of my work experience all that time ago, and yet I am only getting ADSL at home this Christmas)

You gotta love living in the countryside, eh? :P