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Woah! Did you just compare Pantera fans to Skaters? :shock: [/quote:67142dea0b]

Yes, believe me they are all wusses too. I like Pantera, but I don’t like the whole “Me listen to Pantera, make I hard, me hit you now!” mentality and I do know Pantera fans who are also skaters, scary world eh. They don’t like me because I’m a programmer. Ok enough ranting

Dragonforce’s songwriting is VERY Power Metal, hell just look at the analysis of their lyrics on their Wiki page…here. :D

Actually just after listening to that track (the vid was too slow) I’ll decide to like Dragonfore.

Hah, love Deadly Sinners, I’d love to see them live tbh, I’d say it would be insane! :D[/quote:67142dea0b]

Yeah, I tried to get their album for ages. Hell, I even tried to get in in Seattle. Thinking as Vancouver is pretty nearby they might actually have a fan base there, but no luck. :(