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Heh, thats thesecond time thats happened. It happened with a “Limited Edition” XBox Box again last year except the guy tried to get his money back rather than excepting the fact that he as an idiot…

See my main gripe with the Revoultion is the direction its going in in general. Fair enough Nintendo are going for a different market but said market is one that just doesnt really interest me. Sure innovation and some gimmicks are great but as lk said, that can sometimes wear out quickly, the gimmicky side anyway.

Fair play on the controller though, its quite different but again its quirkyness will only be suitable for a select few genres and then your left with a standard NES style controller for everything else.

Then my main point, for ONCE I’d like to see the likes of Mario, Zelda and Samus in some high end glory. I mean what Miyamoto said about Twilight Princess isnt probably far from the truth but we’ve enjoyed all our other favourite characters in high end glory, isnt it time for some of the BEST of them to get the same treatment?