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Then my main point, for ONCE I’d like to see the likes of Mario, Zelda and Samus in some high end glory. I mean what Miyamoto said about Twilight Princess isnt probably far from the truth but we’ve enjoyed all our other favourite characters in high end glory, isnt it time for some of the BEST of them to get the same treatment?[/quote:048ec89047]

Sorry but thats rubbish. There is no high end glory. Thats Nintendo’s point. No matter how much power you put into a game, there will always be more power to put in another time. I mean look at Sunshine over Mario64, was there anymore you wanted from it visually at the time? Probably not, but I bet there is now. This will go on and on, until people cop on to good games = good gameplay, and nothing else. If falling bloscks in various combinations are all you need then thats all you need. If you need photorealistic for gameplay purposes then be all means go for it, but if you don’t then why put all the effort there? No one has made the perfect game yet but all the effort seems to be going into the glitz rthaer than the gears….

I don’t care who makes a game Nintendo, EA or anyone, but for Gods sake concentrate on what makes a game a game instead of trying to be the next hollywood