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Thanks guys…

I can take criticism too, been working on my tough neck…

you know if all the libraries buy one that is a pretty good start!


Ok so… better start reading the yoke then and prepare a few good “humorous” but unfair things to say about de book!! :)

BTW… did anyone hear that our very own HOFF got engaged?? :)

hey wait, why is there a playstation pad on the cover … I’m guessing you didn’t get much of a say in the cover art.

anyway hope its good. I’m tempted to buy it purely based on the description mentioning the word economics, also amazon sells it better (advertising) on their website. can’t wait for the amateur reviews to start rolling in.

I’ll wait til the summer. last academic book i bought was difficult questions about video games, that was funny. funny more than good. the answers were so ridiculous.[/quote:32254abfdc]

Ah… AMMO :)