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Well having had mine since the 24th, all I can say is that I’m grinning from ear to ear. Got me Zelda and Trauma Center.

Zelda is huge (I’m 20 hours in and its still going, still feels like I’m at the start of the game, but never has that crazy final fantasy too big feeling. It’s really good overall, the story is probably the strongest yet in the series and I’m not sure who didn’t like the graphics but when it looks this good its almost feels like nit picking wanting it looking better. Sure theres some camera issues and a fee iffy parts here and there, but definitely recommended for anyone who ever liked a Zelda game before.

Trauma Center is really good too, gets very intense from the get go, I wince every time I pull a glass shard out the wrong way. The story is crazy intense too, super over the top the way anime does it best. But its cool using your 2 hands, like very much are totally in control. Does give you too many options at times, causing you to be unsure which tool to use next, but overall its great.

Wii Sports is completely the other end of the spectrum, out of the 3 its the only one thats really good to show off to others, and let them play, without having to tell them they need to put x amount of hours in before they fully understand it. Its hilarious in multiplayer too. And again I was surprised how nice the graphics are in it too, nice effects in wii boxing. Who needs normal mapping when you got character.

All in all I’m really excited to see all sorts of new games coming onto the system. I can really see the same sort of DS time line with the Wii. Games out now just showing whats it capable of and testing the waters, and this time next year we’ll have some remarkable titles that we never could have imagined way back when we first saw this Wii remote thingy…