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more bad news

There have been rumblings about possible Wii shortages for the European launch for some time, but now they’re growing louder, thanks to a few chatty GAME employees. GAME is a large video game (ya rly) retailer in the UK. Employees are whispering that, while a hardware shortage is expected, the UK may also see a shortage in games and accessories for the new Nintendo console as well — Zelda is mentioned at the heart of the game shortages. Oh no!

Word is that the stores are putting the banhammer down on software-only purchases at launch. Apparently GAME stores are only selling software and accessories to those who are purchasing a console. That seems like a very strange way to do business to us, but hey, launches make people crazy. It’s also rumored that GAME stores are canceling game preorders, so good luck getting the titles you want.

Our contacts across the pond are few — can anyone confirm any of these rumors, or are they just so much noise?[/quote:4f2e6217d7]