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I play it regularly. BF2 ID is ambro25.

As for specs –

(i) my ‘turnkey’ HP bought from the guys in purple ( :oops: ) two years ago played it fine in ‘stock’ form (A64 3000+, 512 RAM 2700, ATi 9700 Pro) and now plays it even better (same CPU/mobo, 1GB RAM 2700, ATi 9800XT)…

…hardly top-of-the-shelf material these days :wink:

(ii) erm… and to those who would still whinge about the high specs above, my DELL D600 also plays it fine (in lo-vis mode) in ‘stock’ form (P-M 1.6, 512 RAM, ATi M9 32MB).

I’ve got an NTL 1 Meg line – no lag/connectivity issues (wired from desktop or WiFi’d from laptop).

If people want some ‘tuning’ hints for BF2 (nothing fancy/not oc’ing and stuff like that), just ask :D

Don’t know jack-sh*t about xfire tho’ :oops: