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Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I am not whining cos I cant play on the Net, eh? It’s a college after all, not a cyber cafe. It’s just it would be nice, seeing how there is a game development course n all…
you know, for “educational purposes”.
Imagine playing games on the crystal clear bandwidth of HEANet *drools*. I still get all fuzzy inside when I see some download speeds…

Yeah right :wink:

I played it yesterday since I am at home in France, this week, and I had an absolute blast. Was on a quiet enough server, piloting my heli (I am a heli pilot since BF Vietnam), having a blast.
I love the way, when u r on a public and you have a vague idea what you are doing, other players will naturally gravitate towards you :)
It’s really something, to be able to communicate without really using anything else than the radio commands there and your actions in the game (my Shuttle’s mike is dead)

Aaaaaah, I am _so_ gonna have a blast at the next LAN :twisted: