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there isnt even a Games Soc up here :cry:
Personally I would love to start a soc, I actually wanted to, this year, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything else than computer gamers those days. I keep fuckin telling them “if all u know is computer games, your games are gonna end up like the kid from Deliverance. Inbreeding, you know?”
Don’t think I’m getting through yet. I used to be good at “converting people”: I would bring a nice shiny deck of cards and start showing it around… “oh yeah, it’s not too hard. Oh and look, I think I have another deck here, wanna try a game?”
It’s pretty much like dealing dope ;-)
Board games and role playing games are what I really want to play, though, and that’s much harder to “sell”.
Honestly, though, it’s just that those days I couldn’t really be bothered… I did the experiment last year: roleplaying.
What can I say, I wanted to play something else than bloody DnD.
I tried Vampire with a small group, which was great! But they are already booked in a big DnD campaign. So I tried with another group, except I thought Vampire would be a bit tough for beginners, so I tried something different, Tribe 8, thinking “well, it’s a post apo setting, surely, that means more action”.
Grave. Mistake.
After a few weeks of play, and much, much wreaking of my head, and wanting to murder one or two specific players, I decided to take a break. To be fair, there were only a few annoying players, out of the eight, but still, I havent played since.
And yet I keep buying the books, and the games, and the miniatures.
Feck, I could start a Games Soc all on my own, with what I have in my bedroom…

actually if u got any pointers, I’d happy to hear about them. I only have to do my postGrad memoir until Christmas, so unless I get a job in the course (they could use somebody who actually knows game programming, badly), I doubt whether I’ll still be here long, but still, I’d love to help get things started.