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Thanks for that! The first thing our lecturer did this year was warn us about Torque so thats a little worrying but if it is catered towards RTS then it obviously has to be a viable option.

We don’t have time to create our own engine – this is going to be just one of the four games we make this year(not including Dare!). This was the reason why we were thinking Ogre wouldn’t be a good option as it isn’t an engine as such just a graphics engine and doesn’t really provide much in the way of audio, physics and I think no help with AI. It does have a lot of community help however so thats definitely a major plus.

From what ye said about Source I’m definitely very wary of it now!

Will check out those other engines mentioned ^^^^, cheers![/quote:6cc7cf9e1e]

Seriously consider researching Ogre, I can tell you now that the frameworks like Yake, Goof and others do support Audio, Physics, Networking etc it’s all personal preference.

I would recommend against Torque as I personally found it to be really shit. Not that the engine is bad, but the art workflow is crap, and the code is so hacked together at this point it is very very difficult to get good results. This is my personal view and I know many teams doing good work with Torque.

Ogre in the long run (full commercial game) is probably not the most viable option, but for short term projects you need to look beyond the initial setup and focus more on the huge community base and source that is available. There is such an extensive workflow available with Ogre that you can get your content into the engine in around 2 hours. All major physics engines are supported, most audio engines are supported and networking support. Just look into the additional addons

If you want a far more long term viable option look into Nebula Device 2. It’s well structured code wise, has an established community and has games actively developed with it. Be warned the initial learning curve is tough and unless your programmers are use to the style they may find it tough to get to grips with.

I’ll have a think of other options but given that you are making 4 small games and potentially Dare, I would recommend taking Ogre, on of it’s frameworks and evolving your own system from it. If you are smart with your design you can cover all 5 projects with great ease.