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Here are my findings on the Tools for Ogre:


and we combine it with:


Here is another potential candidate that can work alongside all the other Ogre editors.


Using Sketchup and Google World


Realtime Ogre Viewport in Max


Hammer Style Editor.


Please don’t get me wrong, I am by no means an Ogre Fanatic, I have never even made anything more than a quick little demo with it. But I just want you to be clear on what you are getting into. I invested time heavily into Torque, Torque Shader, Cipher Engine, Reality Engine, Unreal 2, Unreal3, HL2, BF2 and other similar engines.

My conclusion from this is rather simple. Productivity over performance. If you cannot get your art in the game you will not have a game. So pick an engine that will give you that ability. I know that Torque’s workflow is horrible and some find HL2 has too many steps. Unreal3 has it’s flaws as well… so just find what works for your poject. Just don’t assume that Torque is a viable option because it shipped Tribes, Nebula Device 2 shipped Project Nomad and 25 other commercial titles….