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:roll: yes, i’ve played half-life 2. HL2 is not using the same technology as you see in that video. that video is about approximating mechanics calculations on GPUs for effects purposes (‘havok fx’). HL2 used a previous version of ‘havok physics’. two different things…[/quote:e466ed4514]

Gus is right about HL2 which is obviously using an older verion of Havok. But I would like to point out that Havok FX is not a “less accurate” version of physics. Havok has implemented what is essentially a SIMD physics pipeline, taking advantage of the grunt of the GPUs but removing some of the features which don’t map as easily to the GPUs programming model. The distinction between gameplay and special FX is not one of accuracy but one of API hooks. For gameplay physics you need tons of control over the physics, for FX physics you just let her rip. The GPU is currently very suited to the “let her rip” approach.