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It’s been around a month now that the PS3 got ushered into Japan. Among the launch titles they had lined-up, Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire was one of them. Some of us know how the entire Gundam franchise has such a solid fan-base in Japan. So, given that, it comes as one heck of a surprise that the top-selling title in their country right now is actually MotorStorm!

What’s surprising about this? 1)Gundam came out during launch and MotorStorm just only a few days ago. They beat a game which had a few weeks’ advantage! And 2) Evolution Studios is based in UK, and now they’re topping international charts with their high-octane racer. You’d think that the Japanese would support Japanese-developed games like Gundam more than that of UK? Not necessarily, and this is proof of that!