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Hi Mal,

When I first ran it on (XP SP2, IE 6) it all worked great. My first search via google thingy resulted in a prompt about security access.

results (jedi, star wars, etc.) were displayed no problem.

Two Issues though:

1. When I closed the window that the movie was playing in, all other instances of IE Browser windows crashed at the same time.

2. My google search filter settings are set to “Filter My Results” which gets rid of all the “crap” (sex links, etc.).

However, as a test (REALLY!), I typed in “Paris Hilton” in my IE Google Search, and the crap was filtered out. I did the same search via your app, and no filtering occurred. I don’t know if Director/Shockwave can access the preferences set in the google search cookies, but I would certainly see this as an issue that should be looked at.

Just F.Y.I.