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I played it there on launch day, great fun, but as has been mentioned, the motion controls are unusable. I enjoyed it, but the environments fail to impress immediately, especially the outcrop of rock upon which the cars in the vehicle select screen roll, it’s very blurry and polygonal… I was expecting something a bit more real, from the screenies.

Also, who’s idea was it to load the models of the cars from disc every time you change car? If caching wasn’t an option, then I’m sure people wouldn’t mind looking at a 2d picture of the car, rather than waiting 10+ seconds for the car to load _every_ time.

That said, the game is a blast, and if the graphics don’t impress immediately, they certainly do given time. when there are vehicles vying for position ahead of you, and your windscreen’s getting dinged by pieces of metallic debris, and the mud is caking on your bonnet, as you pass between two vertiginous pillars of beautifully rendered rock, you can’t help but be impressed.

Aside from a few odd design decisions, well done, team Motorstorm!