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Interesting stuff.

From "Summary of Recommendations to the European Commission based on our consultation":

6. European Commission to create new funding instruments to facilitate the creation of networks of like-minded organizations working in the CCI sector whose future growth can be accelerated through transnational cooperation
If gets adopted GD.ie should put in for mo money.

This is a very Irish centric one:

10. European Commission to call for / support national and regional legislative reforms which enable the widespread use of vacant commercial premises as ‘third spaces’ for those working in the CCI and other sectors in cities and urban areas across the EU.

From "Summary of recommendations to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Ireland based on our consultation":

8. Maintain and develop the new government Cultural Technology fund to enable artists and creators take advantage of the developments in new technologies and availability of broadband to create, produce and distribute work to a wider audiences

Anyone know much about this, money currently available?