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Here’s your reply in respect of the Gizmo’… and that didn’t take long, considering EDGE was only just reporting on the EU (UK London) launch party one or two issues back…

LONDON, 6th July 2005 – Gizmondo Europe Ltd, subsidiary of Jacksonville, Florida-based Tiger Telematics Inc. (other OTC, TGTL), announces plans to open an office in Los Angeles, California by August 2005 prior to the launch of the Gizmondo in the USA, whilst streamlining its European operations to reflect a shift in emphasis towards the large North American markets and to prepare for future strategic initiatives by the company.

As part of the company-wide operational restructure and right sizing, Gizmondo Studios will be consolidated to maximize the efficiency and costs of game development. The overheads will also be reduced by half to reflect the co-publishing and development commitments from major game publishers, which has significantly lessened the need for internally biased game development programs. Some employees will be relocating as part of the move bringing teams in house, principally in the LA facility, which will host a new game development suite.[/quote:f1028e3760]

(28 staff redundant in London)