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theres also 2gb and 4gb memstick out, but quite expensive 2gb is around 400 dollars.

I agree with steve definately great for video\audio demoing. Excellent for homebrew development also.[/quote:d203a301d4]

any luck with you own development, working on you own or a port?[/quote:d203a301d4]

yeah i havent done much in the last week or two, things have been hectic. Although i was working on a demo title alright. Had basic game structure up and running in about 2 hours. Even had the buttons\analog stick hooked in. Its pretty easy coding, more so than ps2 development. the toolchain for that with gcc is a bloody nightmare to get running (especially with cygwin.)[/quote:d203a301d4]

Unconfirmed, but SCE may be looking to “solve” the homebrew issue which is being hit hard with the new firmware updates – by putting together an authorized homebrew development system, like NetYaroze for Ps1 and Ps2Linux for Ps2. Unconfirmed, but SCE do like the homebrew scene.