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Since then we have many new courses at degree and diploma levels and a lot of shorter courses in private colleges and local colleges at level 5 and 6. We also have the rise of a local indie scene. [/quote:d679ebd946]
True. However, the quality of some of the courses at various levels and durations has improved over the period, at least anecdotally. A big issue is the lack of transparency/metrics – something various folks have been pushing for at academic, and government levels.

The majority of these issues go much wider than games dev courses, and apply to most tech/CS courses too – as a review of the various ICT Action Plans of the past few years will attest to.

Although I haven’t looked into this in depth as yet, there was a recent & welcome announcement from the HEA re: rating educating courses:- http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/hea-unveils-third-level-profiling-system-618272.html. The Games Ireland education sub-committee has similar proposals.

Do we think that the following issues raised back in 2006 are still valid (raised in the feature by T Kelly)
1) Rebranding of courses without appropriate content development[/quote:d679ebd946]
Doesn’t seem to happen as much as previous years (the boom is over?) but anecdotal evidence would suggest it still happens occasionally. Perhaps the various govt-led re-training inititatives (i.e. JobBridge, et al) have contributed to this

2) Involvement of industry [/quote:d679ebd946]
With more indies and homegrown companies, and greater solicitation to and participation from games companies, provision of guest lecturers, etc.
this is much less of an issue than in 2006.

3) A lack of industry experienced lecturers [/quote:d679ebd946]
Not nearly as much of a problem as previously, I would guess, due to increasingly involvement in education by former games industry folks seeking work after studio closures, etc. Dublin IT, Tipp/Limerick IT, Trinity, Pulse, etc. all work closely with experienced industry folks and/or have them on staff. There may well be more than this short list would attest to

4) Keeping pace [/quote:d679ebd946]
Better, but still an issue. There are obvious logistical issues with this requirement on colleges/education providers, and standardisation is inevitable and necessary for them to operate – but the pace of change in all tech industries continues to accelerate – new platforms and business models, for example – so this is not one easily solved.

5) Lack of involvement with industry in placements [/quote:d679ebd946]
Again, we see many, many more courses seek to place students in work placements, hothouse programs,etc. in order to gain some practical experience. However, despite the sharp rise in the number of companies active in the field, most of these are small 1- 3 person teams and not able to support internships, etc.

It’s an ongoing issue across tech education in general and has been a big focus of the ICT Action Plan over the 2012 – 2014 period.

I would also suggest this is a mostly an industry problem to solve.

6) Too many short courses [/quote:d679ebd946]
Not sure ‘to many’ is the main issue to focus on here, rather the quality of content & education provided. (See well publicised concerns on JobBridge and similar re-training courses, especially how success is being measured. The Indecon report contains some commentary on the issue but fails to tackle it in any material way.)

7) A failure to include team based projects. [/quote:d679ebd946]

Another one that has improved substantially for the most part – althoguh more could be done. Work placements and hothouse type initiatives help here

Are there new ones? [/quote:d679ebd946]

Can’t think of any myself off the top of my head

I know that Games Ireland now has an education and training sub-committee. [/quote:d679ebd946] The education sub-committee is being chaired by Andrew Deegan of Sugra Games. The group has only met once to date, and is currently working on the 2014 plan, using inputs from the forthcoming reports from the Games Industry Cluster Development team and the 2014 ICT Action Plan.