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Aphra K

welcome back Idora. You are almost positive there in your post!

I do wonder about what we are looking for when we ask for greater transparency and metrics in the education and training sector?

[And of course education is not exactly the same thing as training – and certainly some skill based aspects of game dev are probably most appropriate to training via short courses.]

Publicly available knowledge/information at present includes
1) the ‘levels’ of the course (i.e. fetac level 4/5/6/7/ etc indicating that it is a cert, diploma, degree etc.
2) detailed module descriptors which all accredited courses have to publish (which tell people about what is taught on a course)
3) public research information systems (combined with linked in and web profiles etc.) which publish each lecturer’s experience and qualifications (at least in all publicly funded institutions, esp unis).
4) Publications – which are generally double peer reviewed by peers internationally and indicate where a lecturer’s research is situated in relation to international standards.
5) Points/levels for courses which indicate (albeit not directly) the prior levels of certain types of knowledge and learning of students before they enter a course
6) and the stuff in the HEA report on staff/student ratios etc.

So I think we need to think about what information we are talking about when we talk about metrics because a lot of this information exists. It may just be about formatting it in another way.

Speaking as someone whose work is constantly being ‘quantified’