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i would indeed really really like to

but unfortunately i know shit all about coding for forums

i do know a guy who could help though if he’s willing, he’s a mate of mine on the coppermine dev team who practically talks in PHP, he’s an admin on http://www.haxed.co.uk/forum/

i mean there’s only 2 irish people on the forum, but you can’t argue with a team that can set up http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y197/Alick2432/17thhaxed.jpg

that for st paddy’s forum-wide just for little old us (liam the leprechaun is sorta a tradition, he’s on an extra layer that floats to random locations over my screen on the forum)

but surely the people on this forum have mates in other areas of IT. i mean i’m a games coder, what the fuck do i know about php?