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Not to be reviving dead topics but I didn’t think it was worthy of a new one..

Just saw this on Imdb…they’re making a movie out of the Metroid series. Now if you thought the Doom movie would be dodgy think about this one. The only upside thus far is that John Woo has signed on to produce it. No characters as of yet but the rumour mill has been churning and its said Meryl Streep has been signed on and Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the verge…

The comments are quite funny though..

Paul W.S. Anderson is a very capable director. Being an enormous fan of the Resident Evil games, I watched the first Resident Evil film and came out very satisfied with the original entry. As for the second film, I was displeased, but still appreciated it to a degree.

However, I haven’t met a person who disliked the film known as Mortal Kombat. Paul Anderson wrote and directed if I recall correctly, and it was extremely well done, with the exception of a scene or two. Don’t get me started on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. That movie was atrocious. [/quote:7a034263ae]

does your thick skull stop bullets? just curious[/quote:7a034263ae]