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Although I’m a huge Fincher fan, need I remind you folks that he helmed the abysmal Alien 3?[/quote:b97727189d]

I wholeheartedly agree with Tony on this. Alien 3 is a very good addition to the franchise.
It has its own style, differant from the previous two, yet a style still recognisable as being an “Alien” film. I loved the grittiness of it, the lighting, the colors and I thought some of the acting was very good.
I think that seeing as everyone else is bald in the movie, it would have been strange if Ripley wasn’t made to shave her head due to the lice problems. However, I also didn’t like the original ending. Not the fact that she died, I thought that was a brave step, but the fact that the alien burst out of her just as she was falling…..very corny in my opinion.

Thankfully this has been changed, amoung other things, in the Special Edition Directors Cut.

Alien Ressurection is pure shite in my opinion. An insult to the series. I refused to buy the boxset because this film was in it. Bought them all seperately instead.