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Doesn’t break the bank, but I’m not about to pay people for the privilage of something that I’ll never use.[/quote:90bd3a1b09]
On the contrary, Omen – you ‘use’ it all the time, regardless of whether you are supporting the organisation financially or not!

A big part of the thinking behind lowering the cost of membership was to encourage the many people who benefit from our efforts to move from a passive support (i.e. one of the 80,000 receiving the newsletter, etc.) to a more active support (i.e. join the 6,000 or so who pay the annual subscription).

It’s the nature of the beast that you benefit from our efforts whther or not you subscribe – we lobby on behalf of the industry as a whole, not just fee-paying members. We’d simply like more of you to consider joining the organisation and helping change the industry for the better

The IGDA is the only industry-wide organisation advocating & lobbying for change on such issues as Quality of Life, etc. you know… the kind of issues close to your heart when you’re having a go at EA! ;) In this country, at least, we’re also actively involved in helping the IDA, etc. in getting developers, et al to set up over here. I’m sure you’re one of many people in the industry who’d like to be able to come back and work in ireland one day

[ cue sound of me climbing down from my soapbox ]