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Aphra K

I am in favour of it moving between Dublin and L/Derry…certainly there is financial support up north for the event and we have proved it can be run there successfully. Also I think it is important that companies and students in the Northern end of the country have access to events….they may not be always able to travel to Britain or the south…and both IGDA Ireland and gd.ie try to be inclusive of all on the island…

then again Dublin is the hub of the industry at present and that can’t be ignored…also it is a pretty easy place to persuade international speakers to come to/get to…that has to be figured into the equation..

I think it is also worth thinking about having the event every two years…if only because the IGDA committee is voluntary and the event is a lot of work unless you have the money to hire professional conference organisers…let us not be under any illusion that such an event is easy to organise…

Aphra. .