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Congratulations to you organisers, and to attendees of course, for making this gala night what I understand from the posts was a particularly memorable one!

I am very, very sorry that I missed out, but my wife and child were just not well enough (pleurosy for one and gastro’ for the other :( ) for me to leave them last Friday night – I’d had to leave work early that day to go home & care…

And I now feel gutted, really, since I have just noticed that I have been ‘awarded’ – my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who nominated me / voted for me / otherwise influenced the judges in my favour – looks like there’s a round on at the next shindig, provided you lot don’t ask for a belated acceptance speech.

Anyhow – great to hear of developments at BitRabbit (those publishers eh, Bomberman – nudge/wink ;) ) and the Irish pride in the development community to shine shortly via Torc’s calender events.

To all, old hands and newbies alike – good show and well done.