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didnt you know that with absolute power comes absolute liability? (should that be ‘with absolute power comes open season’?)
anyway, grin and bear it puppetmaster :)

re: your paper, I like a lot of the ideas therein, but I felt a *good* few of them came with qualifications, i.e. may/possible/perhaps…

It may not be possible to fund a full test and deploy solution of all these proposed techniques, but is it possible many of them already exist in fragmented form elsewhere?
I mean, there must be a lot of work in the industry to improve game responsiveness, and adaptivity would be a part of that. So by the principles of emergence, the tested implementation of the techniques proposed might appear (as if by magic) if there was a forum or group devoted to adaptivity under the IGDA, like the A.I. group they already have.
Just a thought.