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Howdy, Sam Redfern here. Thanks again to Alanna and the gd.ie devs for setting this up, and to Liam, Ruairi and Keith for making things happen in Galway!

I have been developing games since the early 1980s, and until such time as I earn my fortune, I’m working as a university lecturer in NUI Galway. Teaching programming and some games dev.

I have a bunch of published games, most successfully an indie MMO for PC and Mac called "Darkwind: War on Wheels" and a 3D slingshot game for mobiles, called "Let’s Break Stuff!". Several others are in the works, such as a vertically-scrolling deathracer, and a zombie survival thing (yeah, I know!) And an online high-school RPG/roguelike crossover.

Currently using the Shiva game engine.