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Hey everyone, I’m Philip. I’m a 1st year postgraduate doing the MSc in Software Design in NUIG, with very little experience at developing games. At the moment, I’ve been looking into recreating a Viking precursor to chess called "Hnefatafl" as part of a research project, and I’ve created one or two small mods (in XML) for FreeCol. I have started teaching myself how to use the Unreal Development Kit, but only in the last three weeks, so I’m still only at a basic level.

Almost all my gaming is done on my computer, so I’m looking to create games for the computer – Windows or Ubuntu, since I use either. I’m particularly interested in creating a few survival horror games that are set out in Co Galway/southwest Mayo…just an odd idea I’ve had stuck in my head for a while. (I do a fair bit of hiking in Connemara, so that might have something to do with it)